National Farmers OrganicMax is Your Best Choice

Get Professional, Personal Organic Dairy Farm Marketing Services

As an organic dairy producer, you don’t just operate your farm, you lead it. Because of that, you want an industry leader in organic milk handling taking care of you, too. You’ve found one in National Farmers and OrganicMax. We’re an important key to your connection with organic dairy co-ops and organic milk processors.

Milk Handling Services
A milk handler like National Farmers’ OrganicMax assists producers, as well as the ultimate processor or co-op. As a milk handler, National Farmers coordinates the foundational services for you – payment, milk hauling and field service for your dairy farm. We’re proud to assist farmers throughout the Midwest, Northeast and California.

With National Farmers’ OrganicMax, you’ll receive service from a milk handler that understands organic certification and USDA’s requirements. We know all about certified organic-approved nutrition, herd health and facility management techniques. Top-notch dairy field service representatives can help you improve quality and review operations for inspections, so the reliable organic rewards are yours to reap.

We take our organic dairy producer members’ success seriously. Look at some OrganicMax program features you’ll receive.

  1. Enjoy milk payment twice each month with direct deposit or by check
  2. Use milk test pregnancy checks
  3. Let us help with National Farmers’ bill payment service for member dairy operations, by direct deposit or check
  4. Rely on OrganicMax milk hauling coordination and payment
  5. Get your quality and component lab results just a phone call or click away
  6. Receive personal service from field staff to dairy accountants
  7. Know you’re up-to-date with our certification deduction-payment service
  8. Farm labor payment service for members’ employees, by direct deposit or check

We’ve been assisting organic dairy producers, co-ops and processors for decades, so we know the business inside out. You’ll gain from the experience of OrganicMax. We’re proud to serve organic cooperatives and work with respected partners in agriculture – Organic Valley, Horizon, Maple Hill and Stonyfield.

OrganicMax Benefits

  • Profit from easier planning with predictable cash flow
  • Gain free time with assistance completing farm accounting tasks
  • Enjoy dairy farming more because of veteran staff giving you solutions
  • Experience the confidence of marketplace demand for your milk
  • Love the farming life you always wanted

Ready to tap into the professional dairy farm service we offer? Contact us at 800.247.2110. At National Farmers’ OrganicMax, we’re pleased to help you every single day.

Marketplace Representation Protects Farmers in Organic Grain Sales

Market Your Certified Organic Grain with NForganics

When it comes to marketing certified organic grains, there are many positives. You won’t worry about basis, hedges, margin calls or activity on the boards and exchanges. Consumers want organic food, so demand is on your side.

Still, going it alone as a producer in this growing food and feed industry, is not what we at NForganics recommend. You need seasoned organic grain marketing negotiators representing you and your farm.

NForganics has decades of experience in the organic grain and oilseed business, and represents certified organic producers in marketing. We even protect farmer interests after the sale of your commodities. And we perform financial background checks on agricultural buyers to make sure transactions don’t come with costly surprises.

NForganics has relationships with respected feed mills and food mills that want your USDA certified organic grain, and with wholesale buyers and certified organic livestock producers who need it, too. We’ve spent years building relationships by providing high-quality grains and oilseeds to companies and farmers in this growing industry. You, the producer, in turn reap benefits from those contacts and solid business relationships.

In many cases, we pool your certified organic grain with the quality USDA certified organic grain of other producers, offer it to buyers and receive volume premiums on your behalf. That’s one advantage of marketing together through NForganics. Our professional staff works to assist you, with forward contracts, cash sales and even grain hauling arrangements.

At NForganics, we’re a member of Organic Farmers Agency for Relationship Marketing, and we share information with other certified organic marketers and co-ops, information about organic grain prices, contract terms, buyer reliability and more. Being equipped with organic market information like that, means we know the conditions and what we can negotiate for you. So we focus on getting you every dollar and every sales term you need, every time you market organic grain.

Look what you can get from NForganics —

  1. Access to organic grain and oilseed markets you didn’t know existed
  2. Sales opportunities from NForganics industry relationships
  3. Skillful certified organic grain and oilseed negotiations on your behalf
  4. Favorable contract terms for your operation
  5. Volume premiums from marketing together
  6. Market advantages because of up-to-date agricultural data
  7. Financial background checks on potential organic grain buyers
  8. Assistance with certified organic grain hauling arrangements

Contact us today at 800.247.2110 to learn more about what NForganics can do for you and your operation.


528 Billy Sunday Road
Suite 100
Ames, IA 50010


528 Billy Sunday Road
Suite 100
Ames, IA 50010