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Across the country, National Farmers combines milk, beef and grain production from farms like yours. Then, our marketing professionals go to to work for you—negotiating with major ag industry buyers to improve your bottom line.

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Today’s National Farmers members represent a cross-section of both conventional and organic production – grain growers, cattle and hog producers and dairymen and women. Become a part of National Farmers, and start enjoying the financial rewards.

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National Farmers defines itself by its sophisticated commodity marketing and ag risk management programs and services. Through National Farmers MaximumMarketing, producers market their commodities in pooled groups, and their bank accounts benefit. Our negotiators assure transactions with major buyers include terms favorable to farmers and ranchers.

Our ag risk management programs include forward contracting, hedging, and the array of futures and options offerings, administered by our discerning ag risk professionals. All to put profit in American farm enterprises.

Today’s National Farmers members represent a cross-section of both conventional and organic production – grain growers, cattle and hog producers and dairymen and women. Become a part of National Farmers, and start enjoying the financial rewards right away.

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We have been providing sound, affordable Business Insurance solutions for commercial farmers and agri-businesses for over 30 years. We offer the following products and coverages.


Farmers need health insurance, and they need to be covered by a company that understands agriculture. Coverage and programs created with your line of work in mind. And we give you customer support all day, every day.

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We know commodity market information and ag news matter to you 24/7. It’s another way we help shippers do the business of farming.

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Weather risk and price risk are two unwelcome terms for grain growers, but reality dictates that you maintain crop insurance coverage and protect your farm, and your future.

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For more than 60 years, National Farmers members have worked as partners to advance the interests of America’s farmers and ranchers. We’re here for independent agricultural producers and for rural America. With your membership, our professionals will glean advantages from the marketplace for you, too. And we’re a not-for-profit organization, an assurance that National Farmers is really about your profit.

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At National Farmers, we value our members and we value your input. In fact, we’re established in a way that means we need it. Where do we get this informative farmer input? At state conventions and national convention each year.

We also host other events from time to time, educational workshops and gatherings of ag producers or staff in certain areas. Our program, FarmStarts, provides training for beginning farmers who have been in the business for less than 10 years.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

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Whether you produce conventional grains, milk or beef, it’s getting tougher to make real profits today. That’s why we offer AgProfit Strategies Workshops in 15 states across the heart of farm country.

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National Farmers is an agricultural marketing organization for the nation’s farmers and ranchers. Specializing in conventional and organic dairy, grains and livestock production, member producers take advantage of our group marketing and risk management services to maximize their profits.


Market to the Max with us!

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Become a part of National Farmers, and start enjoying the financial rewards.

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A group of people devoted to sharing the stories of family farmers who produce milk for the dairy products you enjoy.

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Cattle, Grain and Milk Producers

Whether you produce conventional grains, milk or beef, it’s getting tougher to make real profits today. That’s why we offer AgProfit Strategies Workshops in 15 states across the heart of farm country.

These farm workshops are put by National Farmers Organization—a group of farmers who market conventional and organic production. Completely free, these day-long meetings provide good information to seasoned and beginning farmers alike—real tools you can go home with to help you in your current operation, or the one you hope to start someday. 

Filled with advanced information about marketing, risk management, budgeting, and operational structure—you’ll be mighty glad you made the decision to attend one in your area. 

And, if you have been farming ten years or less, you can receive a $200 payment to help cover the costs from being away from your farm or job.  

Topics may differ, depending on the meeting location.

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Family First

Family First

Al and Ann Middendorf, Long Prairie, Minnesota, start their farm work days together, milking 82 Holsteins. “We work well together,” Ann said. “We put our ideas together to solve any day-to-day issues.” Ann wasn’t raised on a farm. “I’ve got a good wife,” Al said. “I snowballed her and told her this would be a lot of fun.” However…

Friendly Faces of National Farmers

Friendly Faces of National Farmers

Shelby Biasini earned her dairy bona fides growing up on her family’s dairy farm in Morrisville, Vermont where they currently milk 40 head of registered Brown Swiss and Holsteins. “In 2009, we started Mt. Mansfield Creamery where we make a number of raw milk European style cheeses which are aged a minimum of…

DC Ag Policy 360

DC Ag Policy 360

Only nine months after a USDA proposal to transition away from metal and plastic identification ear tags, USDA reversed course. They can now be used indefinitely on dairy cattle, cattle that cross state borders and on cattle exhibited at fairs. In case of an outbreak of dangerous diseases, APHIS was signaling radio frequency…

Vice President’s Message

Vice President’s Message

In the late 1920s, the federal government understood healthy farm economies make our country stronger. The agricultural parity concept was created to ensure farmers received fair prices for their back-breaking work. The Great Depression caused farmers to go broke, because their purchasing power declined year after…

Dairy Marketing Signals

Dairy Marketing Signals

The past year has brought enormous challenges for our organization and for each of our farmer members. I’ve recently had a wonderful reminder that we are not alone in facing those challenges. That’s some good news for Dairy Month! I have written before about how we must get rid of bloc voting if we want to have any…

Grain Marketing Signals

Grain Marketing Signals

The first of four quarterly stocks and acres reports prepared by the USDA put acres for both corn and soybeans below expectations of even some of the more historical bulls out there. Very rarely does this happen and it could result in higher prices down the road as trends tracking 50- and 100-day moving averages remain…

Cattle Marketing Signals

Cattle Marketing Signals

Something had to give. Dairy farms have been breeding increasing numbers of cows using beef semen for more than two years now. Semen companies have been selling this as a way to get more money for bull calves, and it seems to be working. The major Holstein steer markets and the veal business don’t want the resulting…

Daryl Martin Leads Finger Lakes Cooperative

Daryl Martin Leads Finger Lakes Cooperative

In 2018, National Farmers and New York’s Finger Lakes Milk Co-op officials established a relationship, which means National Farmers now pools the co-op’s milk and balances it with the plants, provides farmer payroll services and schedules all loads between the milk plants and the haulers.

Friendly Faces of National Farmers Features Katlin Miller, New York

Friendly Faces of National Farmers Features Katlin Miller, New York

Country roads don’t just take people home. For National Farmers field representatives, the hills, twists and straightaways of gravel roads and rural highways take them to farms that rely on National Farmers for marketing and milk handling. It’s true for Katlin Miller, a New York dairy service representative since 2015.

Producers Win With NForganics and Schulist

Producers Win With NForganics and Schulist

The National Farmers organic grain program, NForganics, exemplifies the adage, rain makes grain, with numbers of participating certified organic growers climbing and organic crop volume, too. “It’s really taken off in the last six to 12 months,” said NForganics Program Manager Mike Schulist. “We’re integrating…

National Farmers Goes Digital

National Farmers Goes Digital

The Communications Department introduced a new way for members to receive the Dairy Update, National Farmers Magazine and other e-news products. “We are now distributing the National Farmers Magazine to our members electronically,” said Director of Communications Perry Garner. We also…

Kleaving Farms – Hoosier Ag Strong

Kleaving Farms – Hoosier Ag Strong

Three sons, Danny, Nick and Mike Kleaving are spurring Kleaving Farms forward, with their parents, Gilbert and Margie. The Tell City, Indiana setup involves livestock operations that are separate, a cooperative grain operation, National Farmers marketing and the blessing of all the farms lying within about three…

Cattle Marketing Signals

Cattle Marketing Signals

Mother nature is amazing. In the last issue, I pondered if we could get any kind of a rally in early 2021. After a week and one half of sub-zero temperatures and blizzards as far south as Texas, I have my answer.

Grain Marketing Signals

Grain Marketing Signals

The countdown is on. Once we turn the calendar to start a new year, my husband gives me— and anyone else who will listen— a daily report of how long it will be before planting begins. Bruce does this because he loves farming and he is always planning ahead.

Dairy Marketing Signals

Dairy Marketing Signals

Our longtime staff member and dairy risk management coordinator, Wayne Moore called after convention to offer his congratulations. He said he never thought he’d see the day when Farmer’s Union, Farm Bureau, Pete Hardin and the National Dairy Producers Organization would be strongly in support of…

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This farm has been National Farmers affiliated for a long time back, and we’ve trended down the road with it.”

Duane Hopf

Mill Creek Farms, Indiana

“The easy decision was choosing to use National Farmers risk management programs. For four years now, Schultz has been taking advantage of options, forward contracts and other marketing tools to sell his feeder cattle.”

Brian Schultz

MaximumMarketing producter

“I want to price my product. National Farmers negotiators have options. They can bargain. You don’t need to take what companies offer.”

Ron Hourscht

MaximumMarketing producer

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