Join National Farmers. Belonging Means Something.

Joining in National Farmers success is really quite simple. If you’re involved in agricultural commodity production, for just $125 per year your farm or ranch can begin harvesting the benefits of a National Farmers Organization membership.

Only producers of farm commodities may be full-fledged members of National Farmers. That’s one way you’re assured that were looking out for your best interests. For our non-farming supporters, we offer associate memberships.

Once you become a member, your farm business is set to take advantage of the best grain, dairy and livestock marketing programs available today. You also receive the National Farmers newsletter, The Reporter, along with applicable local National Farmers publications. And you benefit from agricultural representation in Washington, D.C. When you become part of the National Farmers network, you gain instant access to innovative risk management plans, price trend information and to the markets themselves.

For more membership information, call 800.247.2110 and ask for Membership.  If you’re ready to become a member, click on the button below to get started today!

Belonging Means Something

Membership Gives Back

For more than 60 years, National Farmers members have worked as partners to advance the interests of America’s farmers and ranchers. We’re here for independent agricultural producers and for rural America.

National Farmers began in 1955, advocating for agriculture and emphasizing the importance of farm prices. In the 1970s, visionary leaders developed livestock, grain and dairy marketing programs, and our marketing professionals, active in the market every day, continually look for new ways to serve agriculture through marketing and risk management. On a personal farm level, we use that knowledge and experience every single day for our farm and ranch members. With your membership, our professionals will glean advantages from the marketplace for you, too. And we’re a not-for-profit organization, an assurance that National Farmers is really about your profit.

Ag Market Intelligence
When you’re a National Farmers member, you farm with more confidence, because you know National Farmers experts pay attention to the key market indicators and make solid decisions — while apprising you of circumstances and opportunities. You benefit from our market intelligence, gained through daily activity in the ag industry and markets, relationships with industry partners and multiple locations in the Midwest, Plains, Northeast and California. What’s in membership for you? You experience return on investment through marketplace representation from seasoned ag pros who are on your side.

Market Access for Independent Ag Producers Today
Farming members of National Farmers gain access to marketing programs and access to risk management programs that use futures, many types of forward contracts and put and call options to assure prices. We even work on a cash basis, because a diversified marketing plan, one we’ll help you develop, can help you. Also, at the foundation of all this, National Farmers gives you an avenue to access local, regional and national markets — specific agricultural industry commodity buyers —that want your milk, your livestock and your grains.

With National Farmers, we take care of more than your marketing. We provide you access to National Farmers Crop Insurance, along with health insurance and business insurances, because we have a trustworthy partner with decades of experience providing coverage for farmers in America.

Because we believe family, independent farming is the best way for agriculture today, our group opens doors for members to lead and be influencers in farming and ranching. Opportunities abound to become involved within each state and inside the national agricultural group. Through state, marketing area and national meetings, we hear our farmers’ voices. And put you in the driver’s seat. We work with other farm organizations to represent members’ interests in Washington, D.C., and on specific government committees and in independent organizations for the agricultural industry. National Farmers is proud to represent farmers’ policy interests.

Communicating with Members
With National Farmers, you receive several publication and social media tools for you.
National Farmers Magazine
Commodity Market Texts
Dairy Market Information Line
National Farmers Facebook
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Become a farming member of National Farmers right now. It’s one of the best choices you’ll ever make for your operation.

With National Farmers Membership You Get Access
Marketing Programs for Dairy, Grain and Livestock
Risk Management Tools for Dairy, Grain and Livestock
Health Insurance
Farm Business Insurances
Crop Insurance
Ag Market Information
Farm Policy Representation
State, Licensed Marketing Unit and National Conventions
National Farmers Magazine
Marketing Plan Assistance

Membership Delivers For You

Support American Farmers and Ranchers

Join National Farmers as an Associate Member

At National Farmers, we’re proud to represent a diverse group of dairy, grain and livestock producers. Thousands of people together make this an organization of farmers, for farmers. National Farmers has been representing farm interests since 1950, in the policy arena and in the agricultural marketplace.

Today, many people across America know more about their food choices, respect farmers more deeply and want to preserve and protect independent and family agriculture in our country. And, as a group of people on agricultural operations, we’re proud to provide food and feed for America and the world. When you become an associate, non-farming member of National Farmers, you support American farmers and programs that help them succeed. Join us today.

Why support this farm organization?

Farmers Feed Us
National Farmers members established their operations to take care of you. And they’re doing a good job. Think of the diversity, consistency and quality of food available today. Because of that quality food and their safe, wholesome practices, farmers and ranchers have earned the trust of America’s food industry, and appreciate the ability to keep answering the call to feed a hungry world, with a quickly multiplying global population estimated at 9 billion by 2050.

Farmers Are Good Stewards
Farmers and ranchers in the U.S. care about soil, water, air and habitat quality, just like everyone else, except their appreciation is 24/7, 365, plus time and financial investments. Their care for their animals is top-notch, using the very best animal science, nutrition and care knowledge, and an eye on their livestock every single day. They institute exemplary conservation practices, too, such as filter strips, crop rotation, cover crops, low-till and no-till crop farming and more. And farmland provides some of the best wildlife habitat in the country.

Farmers Are Legacy Builders
Farmers want to pass their farms on to the next generation in their family, and 97 percent of America’s farms are family-owned. Many youth raised on the farm share the dream. As land values rise, retirement needs loom and the farm economy presents challenges, this can become a real challenge. Still, ag producers overwhelmingly prefer to find a place for their kids in the family business as adults, or for other partners and successors in their place, and they plan ahead to do exactly that.

Few Farmers, Big Impact
In the U.S., safe food, affordable energy, clean drinking water and outdoor recreation come primarily from rural America. Only 14 percent of the population lives in rural America, but ¾ of the U.S. is defined as rural, reports. Agriculture accounts for 6 percent of the overall U.S. economy and 10 percent of U.S. employment in cities, small towns and on farms. Rural America needs farmers to fund and support strong schools, hospitals, main streets, churches and more.

Perhaps you’re a person who admires farmers and ranchers, with their focus on leading their operations in a way that’s good for people, animals and the environment. Perhaps you have been a farmer and rancher and you want to encourage those still dedicating their days and years to agriculture. Either way, you’re welcome. Your support is welcome, too. Join us today.


528 Billy Sunday Road
Suite 100
Ames, IA 50010


528 Billy Sunday Road
Suite 100
Ames, IA 50010