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Across the country, National Farmers combines milk, beef and grain production from farms like yours. Then, our marketing professionals go to work for you—negotiating with major ag industry buyers to improve your bottom line.

When you think profit, think National Farmers.

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National Farmers Organization is a member-based commodity organization.

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Our Story

At National Farmers, we represent thousands of American producers in the agricultural marketplace. We’re honored to serve our members, for more than six decades, with our launch in 1955.

13 Ways to Market with National Farmers
We focus on providing market access and risk management services to dairy, grain and livestock farmers. America’s independent producers want to succeed and deserve it. To help you accomplish that, National Farmers offers 13 distinct farm marketing and risk management programs. And we’ve focused in this area since the vision for marketing programs was born in the 1970s.

Cash, forward contracts, futures options — all these avenues offer opportunities, and National Farmers professionals offer decades of experience implementing them for today’s quality-driven, revenue-minded farmer. In all of this, we negotiate with buyers for better prices and favorable sales terms for the commodities of members and farmers we represent.

Farm Profit Insights
As we help producers make marketing decisions, it’s about your profit. As field representatives discuss delivery plans for cattle and crops to buyers, it’s about what works best for our ag producer members. When National Farmers Crop Insurance agents provide coverage ideas, it’s about what works for a particular farm’s history and plans. As dairy staff visiting dairy farms, we talk with producers about ways to assure they’re earning the premiums that help them make more money, and we continually work to protect market access.

Locations Near and Far
National Farmers operates in the Northeast, Midwest, Plains and California. Offices in all of those areas equal local commitment. In the Midwest, we offer a network of livestock marketing centers to assist cattlemen on the local level, as well. And in today’s world, we help grain producers and cattlemen with marketing and risk management nationally. We’re just a text, email or call away. That’s a given.

The national headquarters was relocated to Ames, Iowa, from Corning, Iowa in 1989. The location is part of Iowa’s Golden Circle, which encompasses the Des Moines metropolitan and Ames areas, and is a major center for agriculture. Ames is home to Iowa State University, which boasts a respected agricultural college.

We care about agricultural policy, as well. We monitor federal legislation, and represent farm interests in Washington, D.C., with lawmakers and agencies, and are pleased to work with other agricultural organizations.

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