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Cattle, Grain and Milk Producers

Whether you produce conventional grains, milk or beef, it’s getting tougher to make real profits today. That’s why we offer AgProfit Strategies Workshops in 15 states across the heart of farm country.

These farm workshops are put by National Farmers Organization—a group of farmers who market conventional and organic production. Completely free, these day-long meetings provide good information to beginning farmers—real tools you can go home with to help you in your current operation, or the one you hope to start someday. 

Filled with advanced information about marketing, risk management, budgeting, and operational structure—you’ll be mighty glad you made the decision to attend one in your area. 

And, if you have been farming ten years or less, you can receive a $200 payment to help cover the costs from being away from your farm or job.  

Topics may differ, depending on the meeting location.


Matt Brandyberry

Grain Marketing Adviser

This grain marketing advisor will talk about cash and contract grain sales, and price risk management. He will also cover combining crop insurance with price risk strategies.


Mike Kleaving

Crop Insurance Adviser

Crop Insurance has become an important tool for farmers to protect their investment. In this seminar you will learn how crop insurance and marketing can be an important strategy for you.


Curtis Mahnken

Un. of MN Farm Financial Man.

Do you really know what your production costs are? Farm financial benchmarking is an important way to keep tabs on your farm. Curtis will also cover budgeting.


Jeff Rose

Cattle Marketing Negotiater 

You’ve got a lot invested in your feeder cattle. Why not listen to this marketing pro as he talks cash, price risk management and contracts for 2020.


Matt Futrell

Kentucky Extension

Matt will cover the basics of Kentucky hemp production. He will provide important tips and give personalized advice to attendees on this important new crop.


Tim Ennis


Ennis has been helping both conventional and organic producers maximize profits for more than 40 years. He will help you and answer questions.


Pat Lampert

Livestock Manager

This veteran cattle cash and contract marketer will explain the ins and outs of profiting before you sell your cattle using risk management.


Harry Bennett

Cooperative Marketer

This seasoned organic marketer talks about farmers marketing together. Grouping production with other producers to achieve higher prices.

Partially Funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.

Only beginning farmers, those who have been in business less than 10 years are eligible for the $200 farm and travel allowance.

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