Members Pass Policy for New Year


At National Farmers 2020 convention in Bloomington, Minnesota Feb. 11, members passed policy recommendations on a wide range of farm topics.

Members supported re-enactment of a farmer-owned grain reserve program. The plan calls for the reserve to be isolated from the market and would only be a supply of last resort. Reserves would be released at 120 percent above proposed loan rates.

The convention body also called for re-instating mandatory Country of Origin Labeling and including it in all new trade agreements. Members assert COOL will allow producers to compete against the growing tide of undifferentiated products imported into U.S. markets.

In dairy, the organization supports a two-tier pricing system under one national Federal Milk Marketing Order. The plan includes a $4.00 per hundredweight price adjustment for all farms up to 1 million pounds of monthly production.

National Farmers members also opposed any reductions to the Renewable Fuels Act and said no to granting waivers.

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