Let’s Price Your Crops Now For Specific Delivery Windows

 By Matt Brandyberry

Grain Marketing Plus uses a multiple sales marketing framework, where forward contracts and hedge-to-arrive contracts for new crops are combined with cash sales and old-crop basis agreements.

To better slot sales within that framework, we use incoming data similar to the Grain Marketing Plus Morning Review, which many producers receive from National Farmers, to determine when a sales period should be encouraged.

The ultimate benefit for Grain Marketing Plus producers is the additional value realized when marketing grain at or above your production costs. 

The morning grain review states a number of facts about market situations, prices, trends, trade and more, and all of it is important. We want to provide facts, because that’s the right way to be doing this. These fundamental pieces of evidence show the situation as close to the actual picture as it can be—in terms of supply and demand. It is the best daily grains news review compilation there is, in my opinion.

Interpretations of these facts are also important, because we want to provide some new thoughts and ways of thinking about known information and prepare for future developments. One aspect of Grain Marketing Plus that is constant, is the framework but interpretations are always evolving. We want to provide unique market insights and viewpoints to improve our customers’ marketing decisions.

Many farmers have filled grain bins on or off the farm. Yet, there is still work to do, because not all of the crop has been priced. A rally or price improvement in some form will come. Let’s market new crops now, to capture the carry in the market. Have price targets in mind for both old crop and new crop. Then call me and we can space sales out across time.

Many of you shouldn’t go more than a month or two without marketing a crop for a specified delivery timeframe now or into later months. Let Grain Marketing Plus service representatives be your right-hand marketing assistants.

Have a terrific 2020 and please do consider making the trip to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area this February for national convention.

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