Consumers Impact Cattle Producers

By Pat Lampert

Cattlemen and women can’t help but notice comments from environmentalists about our industry.

We take the heat from unscientific assertions about how our animals impact climate change and we read about a UK tax proposal on red and processed meats. MeatFYI, an ag news headlines service, updates readers regularly about what is coming down the pike in our industry.

You may remember in 2006, when the United Nations issued a report titled Livestock’s Long Shadow. It was responsible for the misinformation about animal ag and its impact on the environment. It said livestock contributed 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to MeatFYI, I read an article about new research from the University of California Davis, Department of Animal Science, that says our industry only contributes just more than three percent of total greenhouse gasses. If more consumers become aware of the research, it could take the heat off our industry. This matters to the perception about beef, and future consumption of our product.

Speaking of heat, there is a move to develop a cattle breed that can better withstand hotter conditions. This is important because, if climate predictions are right, then we will need cattle that can withstand those warmer temperatures. And we know the world wants more beef. In fact, projections for the next decade say beef consumption will outpace the growth of chicken and pork.

Now that’s good news for producers, and our entire industry. If you produce cattle, call our representatives and hear the latest about how to put more money in your pocket for all your hard work.