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Farmer Financial Assistance

Our Farmer Funds Can Help You!

We provide grants from $2500 up to $10,000 for beginning producers who were financially harmed by COVID-19. Just download our application and get started!

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Monetary Financial Assistance Program (We are no longer accepting applications).

The National Farmers Organization’s AgProfit Strategies grant program is accepting applications for our Financial Assistance Program. This program provides money to beginning farmers who have filed fewer than 10 schedule F Federal tax forms and have been harmed by the economic fallout of the pandemic.

Who is eligible.

You are eligible if you and your farm operation were harmed economically because of COVID-19. Think back to 2020 when markets were buffeted due to the pandemic. In dairy, the prices you received in the early months of 2020 were much lower. For cattlemen, you may have had to hold your animals longer than normal because of COVID-19 effects on packers. For grain producers, lower prices in February, March and April of 2020, may have impacted your operation.

How the grant process works

1. You must be a participant in the National Farmers AgProfit Strategies for Beginning Farmers. Participation can be through the one day in person seminars or through the online AgProfit Strategies education modules.
2. You must meet the USDA/NIFA definition of a beginning farmer. That can be someone not yet farming but
wanting to get started. Or, someone who is currently farming, but has been farming for less than ten years. It may be a multi-generational farmer planning on taking over the family farm.
3. You must be actively participating in a mentee-mentor relationship approved by the AgProfit Strategies

Availability of funds

There are limited grant funds available. Because of that, submit your application as soon as possible.
Applications must be complete and have all required documentation to be considered. We reserve the right to
request additional information or documentation to determine eligibility.

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