Associate Member


I wish to support the on-going effort of agricultural producers to bargain and price their products to achieve the goal of Cost of Production Plus a Reasonable Profit, and therefore do hereby apply to become an Associate Member of the National Farmers Organization. I understand that Associate Members cannot participate in decisions of the organization and its affiliated organizations and do not have voting privileges or the opportunity to hold elective office. I also understand that I shall remain an Associate Member only for so long as my dues are paid-up and that there will be no liability for dues if my membership is canceled for non-payment. I agree that the amount of annual dues shall be the same as that fixed for participating members (currently $75.00 per year billed annually). I understand that I will receive “The NFO Reporter” and that the National Farmers Organization will supply me with a certificate which I may display showing my support for agricultural producers and Rural America. In support of this cause, I am contributing the amount of $75.00.